ORCA Palli

Soon after the 1998 countrywide devastating flood apart from massive relief activities, ORCA badly felt the necessity of rehabilitating the poor landless floating people of the country. ORCA took up a massive program to rehabilitate 30 landless families providing tin-shaded brick built houses in a compound of land measuring three and half bigha. A mosque and community center located in a beautiful scenario adjacent to the RCC campus beside the river Padma. The whole project cost was about Tk. 15 lac which was collected mainly by the ORCA overseas members. ORCA is now planning to upgrade the standard of living of these 30 families of ORCA Palli by providing them with medical facilities and schemes like cottage works, farming etc. This is surely a help for the poor and the needy, at the same time it is our expression of gratitude to the village Mukterpur where we studied for six years. This particular project has already started yielding good results in the society. May be, these efforts are small drops of water in a huge ocean but the gravity is too high. At present, we have Tk. 50 thousand for these thirty families. Further availability of fund will allow ORCA to upgrade the conditions of these thirty families.